It’s beginning to look like Christmas!

It’s starting to look like Christmas here!  It’s just as good a time as any to start blogging again, so I thought I would just jump in.

Each year I try to do something nice for my children’s teachers, after all it’s not always an easy job, and I am very grateful for those who work to help guide my children.  I have been blessed to have amazing educators as a part of their lives – but I admit it’s getting harder and harder to find something that is fun, nice and affordable.   John is in middle school now, and has up to 9 teachers that I want to acknowledge for their support and help, Kate in elementary still has just one main teacher.

I found these adorable gift cards at Starbucks – which gave me the idea to give them ‘thanks a latte’. It’s not much but usually most people can find something to eat or drink (or even regift them).  The next part was presentation – after all sometimes the best part of the gift if the wrapping!  The gals at my local Starbucks helped come up with the great ‘packaging’ idea.  I took cups (theirs or bought the holiday reusable) and put candy in them to make it look like a
frappuccino.  Then I used marker to tag the cups – best I can tell they were a hit!


Puppies and other things

I know it has been a while since I blogged (which is not a good thing). However, it’s been a nutty spring and summer and I am so excited to be back to blogging and letting everyone know about the exciting things in our lives.

I have stepped back from photography as a business pursuit and it’s now 100% a hobby!

We recently added not one but TEN puppies to the family (temporarily I might add) as our Boni had a litter. It’s been non stop kids/dogs and running ever since!

Stay tuned for more puppy photos and of course my relaunch of my candid moments as a blog about being a Mom who just happens to have been a photographer!


Week 2 of 2/52 – Side by Side

Who knew that trying to remember to take a photo with BOTH children in it would be so hard. Once again I found myself on Saturday trying to find a time/place/and two willing children for a photo opportunity.  Today they were constantly trying to pick fights and at one point (just before this photo actually), Kate even declared that John could not watch our TV, it was HER TV today.  As I put away the 14th load of laundry, well OK it may have only been the 6th, I headed downstairs and figuring that I could do two next week to make up for missing this week.  After all while the goal is to do it within the week, the more important goal is to have 52 photos both of  my children. Then it saw them. They were both sitting side by side, there was no blood on the ground, no signs that fighting of any kind had just occurred. I grabbed the camera and too the shot before either one realized I was there!  I hope that this week I can be ahead of my deadline, but don’t count  on it.

amanda they are gonna love this when they are older! so sweet!
Danna total sweetness! great moment captured :)
Julie So sweet. Love Kate's hair.
Chelsey So sweet ... and nice when there is a quiet moment of sitting next to each other that you can capture ... memories :)
Terry McKaig So so sweet!! : )
Dawn This is adorable! Warms my heart!

52 Weeks of My Two

This is the first of 52 times I plan to photograph the two of them together. Better late then never, as they were a bit squirmy all week, so I procrastinated… the result was that when Saturday came and I wanted to photograph them, they were sick.

John seemed fine and even went to Karate in the morning, we car-pool so I did not drive this week.  Then an hour later he came home, nearly crying, as he had thrown up three times at Karate (you can tell it was run by Men that day no one called and even the Dad who drove car-pool said nothing to me).  He went an laid down, which resulted in a 20 minute tantrum by Kate.  The reason for this monumental event, was that John was watching ‘her’ show on ‘her’ T.V.   Now I won’t fib, she has tantrums frequently (I think it’s part of being a girl and the off-spring of some pretty stubborn parents- but what do I know- I am just a Mom), but today’s was particularly difficult.  I was starting to wonder if I could find that Kairos Moment today – that one that makes up for all the harder parts of being a parent.  Just ten minutes later (though it felt like a life time) I came back down after cleaning up to find my moment.  My little girl fast asleep before noon on a Saturday an her brother nearby!


Melissa Oh my . . . I love this photo! Too bad they had to be feeling sick to make it happen.
Danna sad they are sick but that is when we want those we love around us the most and look how sweet they are. Hope everyone is on the mend now.
amanda poor kids! Can't believe no one said anything! hope they're better soon!
Kara May Oh so sad they are sick :( What a sweet picture though. A treasure for sure.
Julie Awww, sad they are sick, but I think this will be a great addition to your family album! Sweet kiddos.
Ellen Poor babies! You'll be glad you captured even moments of them being sick, though! Can't wait to see all your posts!
mary Oh dear - I can't imagine going through it. I know that I did at one time, but uggh. Cute pic of the two of them, though.
Laura I'm sorry they were sick, but this is one adorable photo!

Day 6 (366) – Four Legged Friends

I am pretty sure that our two dogs would say they are our children and sometimes I think they even have expressions and act just like John and Kate.

Doing a photo a day will be challenging, and sometimes (like today) the photo doesn’t happen until right before bed, but that’s OK. The point is to document all aspects of my life, and by that extension my children’s lives.  Our dogs are such a huge part of our lives and no year would be complete with a few photos of them.


Day 5 (366) – The Toys


Kate is clearly the easier one to photograph, at the moment. Just wait until I start to ask about Star Wars, Legos or Light sabre’s and I will get John in front of the camera just as much.  Tonight as I was putting the toys away I looked at Kate’s face and realized how sad she looked.  She loves playing in the tub with her toys, what she doesn’t know is that I am sad too. Not much longer will she want to play with them, and that makes me sad too.  I have had the stacking cups for nine years now — they were John’s first tub toy. I have photos taken of him using them in our old house.  Done on my old Pentax camera with FILM (I know that seems so long ago, but yet it wasn’t).  Oh where does the time go?



Chelsey Hey, I recognize this temp now! heehee
Chelsey awww, I noticed right away how sad she looked. It all goes by so fast.
Laura The time does go by so quickly doesn't it? I love her expression, you can see how much she wants to stay and play in the tub. Great capture!

Day 4 (366) – American Girl Dreams

I think if Kate could have a room full of dolls she would not be happy.  She is busily planning and telling me exactly which American Girl Dolls she likes and why.  I guess she figures if she tells me at least four months ahead, that somehow I will get her one or her birthday.  Don’t tell her, but we may forgo the party this year and take her to lunch at the American Girl Doll Store and… well you guessed it get her an American Girl.  Right now she want’s the Girl of the year (because she has gymnastics stuff) or a just like me doll with red hair and curls.

You have to wait until May to find out, but stay tuned as I think Kate and her dolls will be a regular theme this year~


Day 3 (366) – Back to work and school

Today we went back to work/school, and let me tell you I cannot wait for summer.  We will still have to be out of the house at the same time, but I won’t have to pack all the extra stuff like boots, snow suits, my shoes, hats, mittens …. Well you get the idea.  This morning I snapped a photo of just what Kate and I have to haul with us each day — I am starting to feel a bit like a pack animal and cannot wait for her to have a real locker and keep snow pants at school, like her brother does, so we don’t have to take them back and forth each day.



Day 2 (366) – Light


I am a gluten for punishment, but I am not only  now doing two different photography challenges this year,but I also added in another 52 week project.  What can I say I love to be busy, and after all challenging myself with photography is a way I relax.

This is a 52 week challenge where the theme is light — what could be more light then the candle from a birthday cake.  My husband had a birthday, he turned 49 29 for the 20th time since I met him!  Kate loves to be right in the thick of things and I just love the look on her face!



New Year – New Blog Day 1 (366)



I am doing a photo a day, again.  This time I hope to make it past February.  There are a few reasons I think this year I will succeed.

1. I got a point and shoot so I can take some snaps of the kids and always have a camera with me.

2. I am learning to let go of perfection — this blog is a sign of that. I did have trouble getting it going, but once I realized it did not need to be 100% the way I wanted it to start, it was so much easier!

3. I have not only the 365 366 goal, but am doing my two in 52.  I hope to capture ONE image each week of my two children together. This is easier said then done (as with most of us) but I do have to say I have it much easier then many of my friends who are doing this along with me.  My friend Chelsey, has twin boys who are six months and two older children, but all four are 5 and under so if she can do it so can I.

4. I am not doing this project alone. There is an amazing group of photographers who are going along on the 366 and the 52 week project with me.  Each week I will blog about another person who has taken on the wonderful task of documenting their children’s lives with me!

Thank you for reading and see you tomorrow!





Danna What a great start to the year! I look forward to following your 366 :)
Laura I really love this blog!! I can't wait to see what you post in the coming year.
Melissa LOVE the new blog . . . snow is a perfect theme for your first post! Definitely refer back to reason #2 when you start to slide. You'll be very happy to have the memories . . . perfect or not! Can't wait to follow along!