10X10 February- Winter hibernation

As usual I am a ‘tad’ late in getting my post up. I did do the photos ahead of time, but did not totally get things figured out.

The day I captured was a lazy day as we did not have school (Martin Luther Kind Day). It WAS fantastic as we got up late and just relaxed. I would have been miles ahead had I just edited the images and posted them then, live and learn!

10AM Waffles – I think we are getting the idea that we love waffles around here. It was up for breakfast the last day I did the 10×10, and who know it very well could be on the menu the next day I do one. I know i need to kick the diet coke habit, but until then I will enjoy one with my waffles.

11AM It’s a lazy day today. It’s about -25 with the wind chill (maybe colder but I shut down past -25) so staying in PJ’s is just fine by me. We love playing games and today we had fun with Headbands!

12PM Mario Kart! On a super cold day there are only so many things we can do. Today it’s nice that the kids are willing to play together nicely – even if just for a few minutes.

1PM Lunch time is always fun on lazy days. Today I made mini muffin tin pizzas for the kids — they loved them and I love how easy they are to create. Just some refrigerated biscuits, pizza sauce and cheese. Bake and you have a fun kid lunch in just 15 minutes.

2PM Mario Kart – Revisited John loves that he can play with friends during the day – and some times he can play with friends we normally do not see much of during the week. Today, it even better since it’s not a balmy -10 I am letting have another hour (or two) of TV/Screen time. Yup hate me if you will, but we have already read books, colored, done homework, and played several rounds of Rumkub. Cold days like this are what make winter my least favorite season.

3PM Beading – Iron beads are Kate’s latest obsession. We have fun picking out the beads and creating patterns. We change things a few dozen times – and try to figure out fun patterns with no repeats.

4PM Busted – Daisy is our newest family member and while we don’t usually let her on the furniture, she always finds a way to her favorite spot. She picks this spot because of the late afternoon sun streaming in the windows. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I love that you can see the ‘busy’ life we have behind her!

5PM – Making cookies and fruit dip for lunches this week. Kate loves to cook with me and while it’s not a ‘neat’ process, it’s one of my favorite things. Love the open lazy susan, the project Christmas tree and of course the light sabres on the counter.

6PM – Off to Karate – John LOVES Karate and I love that he has something that he enjoys and wants to practice.

7PM – John is still at Karate and Kate is asleep – my job is to get their back-packs and other gear ready for the day. I am so glad I am documenting the seemingly small things – one day I will look back and be happy that I have! Take a look at Danielle’s busy life on her photography blog!

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6 thoughts on “10X10 February- Winter hibernation

  1. I hear you on the looong cold winter days! It is a challenge to keep the children entertained and peaceful! ;-) Especially love the baking shot – lightsabers and all!

  2. I love “snow” days! Here in the Phoenix area – we have to fake it – but we will often close the blinds and pretend to be snowed in! You documented your day beautifully. And I share the Diet Coke need… except I’m not looking to give it up anytime soon :)

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