52 Weeks of My Two

This is the first of 52 times I plan to photograph the two of them together. Better late then never, as they were a bit squirmy all week, so I procrastinated… the result was that when Saturday came and I wanted to photograph them, they were sick.

John seemed fine and even went to Karate in the morning, we car-pool so I did not drive this week.  Then an hour later he came home, nearly crying, as he had thrown up three times at Karate (you can tell it was run by Men that day no one called and even the Dad who drove car-pool said nothing to me).  He went an laid down, which resulted in a 20 minute tantrum by Kate.  The reason for this monumental event, was that John was watching ‘her’ show on ‘her’ T.V.   Now I won’t fib, she has tantrums frequently (I think it’s part of being a girl and the off-spring of some pretty stubborn parents- but what do I know- I am just a Mom), but today’s was particularly difficult.  I was starting to wonder if I could find that Kairos Moment today – that one that makes up for all the harder parts of being a parent.  Just ten minutes later (though it felt like a life time) I came back down after cleaning up to find my moment.  My little girl fast asleep before noon on a Saturday an her brother nearby!



  1. I’m sorry they were sick, but this is one adorable photo!

  2. Oh dear – I can’t imagine going through it. I know that I did at one time, but uggh. Cute pic of the two of them, though.

  3. Poor babies! You’ll be glad you captured even moments of them being sick, though! Can’t wait to see all your posts!

  4. Awww, sad they are sick, but I think this will be a great addition to your family album! Sweet kiddos.

  5. Oh so sad they are sick 🙁 What a sweet picture though. A treasure for sure.

  6. poor kids! Can’t believe no one said anything! hope they’re better soon!

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