Day 5 (366) – The Toys


Kate is clearly the easier one to photograph, at the moment. Just wait until I start to ask about Star Wars, Legos or Light sabre’s and I will get John in front of the camera just as much.  Tonight as I was putting the toys away I looked at Kate’s face and realized how sad she looked.  She loves playing in the tub with her toys, what she doesn’t know is that I am sad too. Not much longer will she want to play with them, and that makes me sad too.  I have had the stacking cups for nine years now — they were John’s first tub toy. I have photos taken of him using them in our old house.  Done on my old Pentax camera with FILM (I know that seems so long ago, but yet it wasn’t).  Oh where does the time go?




  1. The time does go by so quickly doesn’t it? I love her expression, you can see how much she wants to stay and play in the tub. Great capture!

  2. awww, I noticed right away how sad she looked. It all goes by so fast.

  3. Hey, I recognize this temp now! heehee

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